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Our Story

I love the beauty of Indigenous syllabics, a distinctive set of symbols created to transcribe many of Canada’s Indigenous languages. But even as an Indigenous woman, I never saw syllabics used outside of rare occurrences in museums and history books.


One day, walking down the street, I saw a man with a symbol on his clothing that from a distance I thought was syllabics. When I got closer, I realized it was just a triangle. But I will never forget how excited I was in that moment when I thought I saw, for the first time in my life, that the language was being casually used.


Recognition requires more than just learning about the strife of Indigenous peoples. It is about making a world where an Indigenous person can feel pride seeing representations of their people as an everyday occurrence.

One of our goals is to encourage Indigenous business owners to feel empowered to use syllabics to represent their business. Canada’s Indigenous languages are beautiful, and the world should see and hear them daily.

By purchasing our apparel, you are giving us the chance to take aaniin further. Each purchase will be reinvested to develop designs and products displaying syllabics. We believe in education and in showing the world that Indigenous culture is alive, woven into Canadian society, and never to be confined in history books.

We appreciate your support.

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Thank you