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We collaborated with business owner and beadwork artist @SoftButSturdy. We love Kaytlyn's beaded studs and knew you would too. This collection was a best seller, get them while you can!

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SoftButSturdy x aaniin

Kaytlyn is anishinaabe kwe from the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nations.  She is an Ojibwe/Italian Queer bead worker residing in Ottawa, ON - Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation. Soft But Sturdy began on the birthday of her late mother 2 years ago. On February 20th 2020 she posted a picture of a beaded fringe set she made on Instagram, when a follower reached out and asked to purchase the set! That was her first sale. This instilled the confidence to start selling her pieces thus beginning Soft But Sturdy.
Kaytlyn creates stunning bold pieces that makes anyone feel fierce! Beadwork has been a meditative, creative, and healing process which has allowed her to create so many amazing pieces! From beaded jewelry to patch work, you get a feel of who Kaytlyn is in every piece she makes. 
We highly recommend reading more about Kaytlyn and her journey into beadwork in her article by The On Side

Soft But Sturdy

“I don’t want to be strong and hard and admired for these traits that I’ve been forced to take on based on what happened to me. So, I took it back and decided that I’m both soft and vulnerable while being really strong”.
- Interview of Kaytlyn by The Onside


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