Miigwech for starting the conversation!


The word Toronto is derived fromthe Mohawk word Tkaronto [tuh-ka-ron-(t/d)o].

The syllabics are Ojibwe. The Mohawk language does not use syllabics, but this design shows how the word Tkaranto is written in English letters and Ojibwe syllabics. The breakdown of the sounds are shown in the key to the right of the page!

Since we are an online company based in Tkaranto, it was important to us to acknowledge the land we are on.

When we think of the word Tkaronto [Where the trees are standing in the water], we see the origin of Toronto. We can celebrate the big city and all it's possibilities while acknowledging where it comes from, and both recognize its growth and importance to the modern world along with acknowledging the loss that rapid development represents.

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Syllabics are at the forefront of our designs to indigenize colonized spaces. We encourage support from non Indigenous allies to help us start the conversation and draw attention to the beautiful Indigenous languages across Turtle Island.