X Alexis - Ode’imin [heart berry]

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The ode’imin collection X Alexis Nanabush-Pamajewong


Alexis Nanibush-Pamajewong nindiizhinikaaz. Miskwaadesi niindoodem. Shawanaga niindoonjiiba. London/Toronto niindaaz.

I am an Ojibway multi-disciplinary artist and skateboarder that focuses mainly on performance, and installation. My work is the reclamation of my cultural identity and language through land-centered ideologies.

The “Ode’imin” (heart berry) design comes from the connection to the land that I experience every summer tree planting. It was early August, I was digging holes in the ground and my day was brightened when I planted amongst a patch of strawberries. Although the logging industry can be destructive, I was gifted with the beauty, liveliness, and sweet taste of the berry from the Creator. As I hold the picked berries in my hand, it is a reminder that we must acknowledge all of our surroundings. I am acknowledging every moment I spent berry picking with my family. I acknowledge my heart. I acknowledge the medicines. I acknowledge the gifts of life– the very existence of this berry and its resilience. 



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100% cotton material in a unisex tee.