The Tkaronto Collection

100% Cotton, 100% Sustainable, and 100% Made in "canada" Reintroducing the best selling Tkaronto Design.

Of course! It's apparel, not regalia.

We rely on non Indigenous people wearing our designs. aaniin retail inc. is a 100% Indigenous owned retailer and the designer of the aaniin brand is Chelsee Pettit - an anishinaabe member of aamjiwnaang First Nations. Our mission for our company is to put money in the hands of Indigenous businesses, brands, and designers directly!

We are a for profit business. We believe in action focused impact and creating a sales channel for Indigenous businesses to thrive while reclaiming the Indigenous Economy through fashion and commerce. Supporting charity is great but it's better for the economy to put money into Indigenous businesses hands directly. The impact goes much further.

Some artists will seasonally create lines that support special initiatives but our first focus is making Indigenous founders money!

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aaniin started out as a streetwear brand last June and has since opened a retail store
POP UP at Stackt Market Toronto.

We will be at our POP Up until January 2023 but you can now shop all the other brands we carry online! All products we carry are 100% Indigenous designed, made, or owned businesses.

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