aaniin! We're your destination for Indigenous apparel, jewelry accessories, and more.

aaniin retail inc. is 100% proudly Indigenous owned retail company with it's first store concept at Stackt market.

Showcasing over 35 Indigenous artists, designers, and brands. Each purchase you make directly supports Indigenous creators, empowering and recognizing their work. Our curated and collected pieces authentically represents the diverse creativity of Indigenous creatives, offering apparel, accessories, wearable art, and homeware that reflect unique perspectives and cultural significance.

By shopping with us, you contribute to the livelihood and success of Indigenous communities, celebrating their voices and promoting cultural resilience. Welcome to Aaniin, where every purchase makes a direct impact on Indigenous artists, designers, and brands.

Canada's First Indigenous Department Store Concept

aaniin means hello in anishiinaabemowin [Ojibwe language]

Shop our aaniin house brand of apparel that uses syllabics as the main design focus - aiming to start the conversation on indigenous languages while creating visibility.

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35 well known Indigenous brands and businesses from across Turtle Island

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June 2021 we started aaniin after seeing Indigenous syllabics in downtown Toronto.

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