Visibility. Community. Taking back space in colonized areas. These are the values that aaniin stands for.

I love the beauty of Indigenous syllabics, a distinctive set of symbols created to transcribe many of Canada’s Indigenous languages. But as an Indigenous woman in urban Canada, I rarely heard the language of my ancestors, let alone saw syllabics used outside of rare occurrences in museums and history books.

One day, walking down the street in downtown Tkaronto, I saw a man with a symbol on his clothing that, from a distance, I thought was syllabics. When I got closer, I realized it was just a triangle. But I will never forget how excited I was in that moment when I thought I saw, for the first time in my life, that the language was being casually used. I realized how much such a small moment could mean for my sense of belonging as an Indigenous woman. In that moment, the idea of a brand dedicated to Indigenous languages and supporting Indigenous creators 365 days of the year was born. The design I thought I saw became our first product.

We live on Native land. Through aaniin, we can celebrate and acknowledge this.  We want to contribute to a world where an Indigenous person can feel proud, heard and represented. Canada’s Indigenous languages are beautiful, and the world should see and hear them daily.

In addition to our own designs, aaniin is dedicated to supporting other Indigenous creators by stocking and displaying their products and ensuring that 100% of profits end up in Indigenous hands.

By purchasing our apparel, you are giving us the chance to take aaniin further.  We believe in education and in showing the world that Indigenous culture is alive, woven into Canadian society, and never to be confined in history books.

We appreciate your support.



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