aaniin Chelsee nindizhinikaaz

My name is Chelsee Pettit, I am an anishinaabe member of aamjiwnaang First Nations and the founder of aaniin retail inc.

aaniin started out as a streetwear brand in June 2021. Our growth has been fast moving and so are my goals and vision for this company thanks to our amazing customers! chi miigwech for following along our journey, be sure to keep in touch on Instagram.

Our Story

Our Mission

We want to have a direct impact on the Indigenous economy. We aim to elevate First Nations, Metis and Inuit economy's by creating positive revenue streams from high traffic visibility and to be included in conversations.

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Our Vision

We aspire to be a B Corp. that shares space with Indigenous businesses, brands, artists, musicians and creates paid internship opportunities for Indigenous youth and adults making career changes.

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Our Values


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will you be our next collab?

In the new year, we are focusing on partnerships and collaborations with artists and brands, and we're actively seeking individuals to connect with. If you know someone who might be interested, please have them fill out the form below. If you believe you're the right fit, please complete the following form.

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Please note: We are specifically looking for collaborations, which involve partnered designs. This does not include consignment, other opportunities, or wholesale inquiries.

We work with Indigenous owned and/or local businesses as often as possible. The business is currently self funded and we aren't always able to provide the most eco friendly options but we are going to pivot this supply chain barrier as soon as possible.

We work with Rezonance Printing in London ON - Anishinaabe owned as well, we work together on screen printing designs. Rezonance Printing uses eco friendly inks, and we work together on small bulk orders to ensure as little waste as possible.

Our waste foot print has been extremely low thus far. If there are damaged or defective products they are repurposed or I give them to employee's, friends or family! (or tie dye/customize garments)

Our impact is putting money in the hands of Indigenous people directly. Because we are currently doing this we don't have the means as a company to begin donating profits, but will do so with feature collections throughout the year once we are more established.

Absolutely! Our apparel puts money in the hands of Indigenous designers, creators, artists and we want to see our designs worn.

There is an unfortunate stigma that indigenous designs should only be worn by Indigenous people, but this would hold back Indigenous businesses from succeeding if our market size is that limited.

There is a wide difference between wearing items that incorporate and respect Indigenous people versus items that are ceremonial, or mocking the culture. You should be aware of non indigenous corporations that use ‘native inspired’ designs artwork, or beadwork. We encourage people to shop directly from Indigenous sources and at aaniin we carry over 25 Indigenous brands and businesses alongside our apparel line!

We aim to provide an educational aspect to our apparel line and all aaniin apparel and accessories include a QR code sewn in to the garment that will allow you to start the conversation with our house brand of apparel.