Miigwech for starting the conversation!

ᒥᓄ ᑮᔑᑲᑦ

mino giizhigad [it's a good/nice day]

The syllabics are Ojibwe. Mino means "good" or "nice", giizhigad means "it is day".

The eyes of the design say "mino". The rays around the sun say "giizhigad".

We use mino giizhigad as an affirmation to reflect on the positive attributes of everyday life. Even on the worst days, there are moments to celebrate and we can be grateful for our health, our friends and family and for the world we are fortunate to occupy. We hope our mino giizhigad apparel can be used as a reminder to slow down and reflect on that daily beauty.

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Picture of green hat sitting on table with smiley face sun design.

Syllabics are at the forefront of our designs to indigenize colonized spaces. We encourage support from non Indigenous allies to help us start the conversation and draw attention to the beautiful Indigenous languages across Turtle Island.