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Our Values

Our Values

It's important for us to share our values. Indigenizing commerce and corporations is our biggest action of focus that will have a direct impact as colonial business entity.

As we grow we promise to maintain these values and lead by example start to finish. From design, production, processing, inclusion, and of course our biggest investment our future team.

Equitable support with community, creating new opportunists for each other and adding others to our conversations is a foundation of aaniin.

Ensuring we aren't taking more than we give and making sure everyone has equitable opportunities can share their unique experiences and perspectives. Everyone is crucial to the success of this brand and business.

We aim to provide opportunities to community first. First means before education and other driving factors that are focused in colonial settings.

As hands on learners we accept people don't always get things right the first time and to p

Utilizing peoples strengths, and collaborating on collections, designs, production methods, experiences and storytelling is a foundation of aaniin. We can't all do everything and we recognize we can create stronger alliances when we work together. Commerce or Odawa [trade] is a natural system that Indigenous people had sustained themselves for thousands of years. We aim to decolonize capitalism and indigenize the commerce industry.

With all pieces, collaborations, designs, stories, there is all an interconnectivity. We aim to start the conversation and introduce the interconnectedness of everyone's integral part of this company, and connection to experiences of the stories we are telling.

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