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ode'imin [strawberry/heartberry]

The syllabics are Ojibwe. "Ode" means "heart", "min" means "small and globular" or "berry'". Translated literally, ode'imin means "heartberry" and is the name in the Ojibwe language for strawberries.



Alexis Nanibush-Pamajewong nindiizhinikaaz. Miskwaadesi niindoodem. Shawanaga niindoonjiiba. London/Tkaronto niindaaz.

I am an Ojibway multi-disciplinary artist and skateboarder that focuses mainly on performance, and installation. My work is the reclamation of my cultural identity and language through land-centered ideologies.

The “Ode’imin” (heart berry) design comes from the connection to the land that I experience every summer tree planting. It was early August, I was digging holes in the ground and my day was brightened when I planted amongst a patch of strawberries. Although the logging industry can be destructive, I was gifted with the beauty, liveliness, and sweet taste of the berry from the Creator. As I hold the picked berries in my hand, it is a reminder that we must acknowledge all of our surroundings. I am acknowledging every moment I spent berry picking with my family. I acknowledge my heart. I acknowledge the medicines. I acknowledge the gifts of life– the very existence of this berry and its resilience. 

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Syllabics are at the forefront of our designs to indigenize colonized spaces. We encourage support from non Indigenous allies to help us start the conversation and draw attention to the beautiful Indigenous languages across Turtle Island.