MT - Ceremony Blanket

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 Made with recycled fabric 

About the Ceremony Blanket Design

''I wanted this blanket to encompass the safety, beauty and connection that make Full Moon ceremonies special. These ceremonies were how I bridged the physical and spiritual world, and was the first type of ceremony I ever attended. I connected deeply with the Full Moon – our grandmother – who in the physical world for me was an incredible matriarch and someone that passed away at a pivotal time in my life. When I attended a Full Moon ceremony for the first time, it felt like I could continue to have a relationship with her and like I was being wrapped in love, much like the purpose of this blanket.

 Full Moon ceremonies give us an opportunity to connect with our Grandmother Moon, who guides all water on earth – including the Great Lakes, oceans, rivers, and the water that makes up most of our physical bodies. She represents femininity and life cycles – including our moon times and birth – since where there is life, there is water.

 “Ceremony” brings you comfort and warmth, and was designed to look like we are sitting in a Full Moon ceremony together. There are ribbon skirts on one end, and ribbon pants on the other – representing how our modern ceremonies are inclusive and welcoming of all identities. I included berries and water to include the elements brought into ceremony. The skydomes along the sides represent the connection to the spirit world. Finally, the symmetry represents the importance of duality and balance, a teaching we must always carry in our bundles. '' -Morningstar

 About the Collaboration MORNINGSTAR X MINI TIPI

MINI TIPI connects with artists that are making an impact in the indigenous community, who have a connection to the culture and are sharing their knowledge through art.  

We have been following Alanah’s journey as she began her career as an artist, we watched her flourish through pretty amazing collaborations with Meta and Shopify and loved her mural work in urban community space.  We would always share her work to support and celebrate other indigenous entrepreneurs. 

We approached Alanah Jewell for a collaboration to create a design for MINI TIPI because we really connected with her art as many do.  Her modern woodland style is represented through her animals, plants, florals, sun and the moon, with her signature dots throughout her work really distincts her as an artist.   We love how she uses visual arts to celebrate culture, make it accessible to everyone and creates conversations in urban spaces by using art as a way to reclaim and create representation.  She is able to express who she is through art and shares teachings and knowledge she has been given over the years. 

We love Morningstar and we are grateful for this collaboration to allow all of our customers to connect with the design “Ceremony” . It is rich with knowledge and absolutely stunning.

About the Artist Morningstar

Alanah Astehtsi Otsistohkwa (Morningstar) Jewell (she/her) is a French-First Nations artist. She is Bear Clan from Oneida Nation of the Thames, grew up off-reserve and currently lives in Kitchener, Ontario. Alanah is an illustrator, painter and muralist, and organizes local Indigenous Art Markets (@Iamkitchener on Instagram) . Her passion is promoting Indigenous art and culture in urban areas. 

MINI TIPI's Blanket Material 

Our eco-friendly everyday blankets are made from sustainable fabric woven in Italy. It’s perfect for family picnics, camping, getting cozy around the campfire and is made large enough for a queen size bed or a throw blanket. The warm and luxurious wool/acrylic/polyester blend makes them soft, yet washable. The trim adds a beautiful finish.

50% recycled polyester, 30% acrylic, 20% recycled wool

Perfect soft and warm blend that will last a long time.

Size: 60 inches x 80 inches 

Ceremony Blanket Care Instructions

Wash on cold, hang to dry .